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What do acoustical engineers do anyway? 

Most think the only time to engage the services of an acoustical consultant is when designing entertainment venues, auditoria and performing arts centers. While acoustical services are important for these, architectural acoustics, AV design, and noise and vibration control, should however be considered for projects of any type and size — from single room acoustics to large, complex structures. In fact, most of the design professionals with whom we work engage us on a wide range of typical, every-day projects. Our engineering consultants work collaboratively as an extension of your team. To find out about our consulting services please click here.


We are exposed to sound wherever we go 24/7, and it affects us physiologically, psychologically, cognitively, behaviourally and physically, both positively and negatively. Because of this we treat acoustic comfort with high importance. Should acoustics and noise control not be as important, if not more important than internal thermal comfort and lighting at work and in our own homes?


Who We Are

Doppler Acoustics is founded upon our passion for engineering, the science of music & sound, and the allure of engineering challenges that come with designing feasible solutions. Doppler was started by Warren Meyer in Durban, South Africa. His musical background combined with an engineering science degree and academic aptitude was the catalyst that spurred him on to pursue a career in consulting.

Warren is an associate of Acoustech Consulting (Pty) Ltd in Johannesburg and in his spare time operates a pre and post production recording studio in Umhlanga.


Warren is a registered candidate engineer with ECSA, a member of the South African Acoustics Institute (SAAI) and the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA).


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