Currently we are able to assist in specifying which products will work for you based on your application and what is available on the market currently, from DIY to premium products. There are many opinions and resources available online on the subject of acoustic treatments, however be aware that opinions may be mis-leading and that there are many 'acoustic myths' littered around forums and sites, which can result in wasted time and budget.


Architectural or building acoustics needs to be separated into two categories - one internal acoustic quality, and the second sound insulation (both air-borne and structure-borne). The two require vastly different approaches in order to achieve the desired results. Acoustics is in fact 80% construction and 20% treatment in many cases, therefore in our work we seldom actually specify any 'special' acoustic products at all, enabling designers to use readily available construction and finish materials to achieve the requirements.


Whether you're building your first recording studio on a small budget, or if you're an interior designer or architect needing clarity through all the 'smoke and mirrors' advice, we can help.


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