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Architectural specification:

You are an architect or specifier and need to ensure that the internal acoustics of the space you are designing will add value and not create a problem and the subsequent need for expensive acoustic treatment retrofitting.


Room conversion:

You want to convert the spare bedroom or basement into a project home recording studio and need advice on acoustic treatment to make great music as well as how to ensure the music doesn't disturb the neighbours!


Generator noise:

You have installed a generator and took the suppliers word regarding the sound power level rating but it sounds louder than expected and is now creating an environmental noise issue.

Mechanical plant noise:

You are designing a plant room and there is a possibility that the noise and vibration of the mechanical equipment will affect the open plan office nearby.

Noisy neighbours:

You have received complaints from the community about events hosted on your premises and require some insight into noise pollution laws and by-laws in South Africa, and whether anything can be done to eliminate complaints.

Noise impact assessment for a Church:

You are involved in developing a place of worship in a residential area and need an acoustic engineers report for the local health department.


Sound system:

You purchased a fancy sound system for your auditorium or home theatre but it is just not sounding as focused and clear as expected.

Noisy restaurant:

The high noise levels in your restaurant are repelling potential repeat customers and you don't know how to solve the problem.


Call centre noise:

You run a call centre and the noise levels build up very quickly and the callers can't hear the operators very well and is reflecting badly on the client.


Classroom acoustics:

The acoustics of the classrooms at your school make it difficult for teachers and learners to communicate effectively, especially the remedial classes.


Boardroom privacy:

Your boardroom acoustics makes it difficult to understand colleagues talking at the opposite end of the table and confidential matters may be overheard in an adjacent room.


Noise impact assessment:

You are developing and need to predict the noise impact on surrounding areas to submit to authorities as part of an environmental impact assessment.


Green Star:

You need IEQ-12 credit points for your development for 'design' and 'as built'.


Educational noise nuisance:

The music rooms at school / university are causing a distraction to other students.

Office acoustics:

You had white noise installed in your open plan offices but it's only made things worse.

Mechanical system noise:

You are a mechanical engineer that has designed a ducted air distribution system to supply and return from a noise sensitive area and need to be sure that noise will not be an issue.

Product specification:

You have heard about a 'fantastic' new acoustic product that you think could be used on your new project and would like to know despite convincing sales pitches whether it would work for the particular application.

Factory noise:

There are certain areas in your factory that you feel may be over the occupational health & safety limit and need an acoustic report of noise levels on the factory floor.

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